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I am a qualified Psychotherapist working with Individuals and Couples both in person and online.


Please feel free to text or call. If you do not get through, leave a message and I will return your call or email me by the link.

"Sarah removes any awkwardness from the whole process, the sessions were relaxed, sincere and impartial and she always kept it focused. Having never previously participated in any form of counselling it was a real eye-opener and an experience I ultimately enjoyed and certainly benefited from."
Couples Counselling

"You helped me gain life skills that have given me the ability to face trauma without falling apart. You helped me reconnect in to who I am when I was lost"  Counselling Client 


I am a registered therapist with BUPA if you are able to access private healthcare to cover your therapy I can be contacted via their website.  

The first steps...

I think the word 'therapy' can sound daunting and possibly something we feel uncomfortable to admit we need or do. Essentially though, therapy and counselling is about taking the time to talk to someone else about your self and the things that are bothering you or stopping you from feeling like you are living the life you want.

And really that's all it is about, time taken to better understand yourself . It is common to fear that we are the only ones that feel the way we do, or have the problems we have but often that's not the case. Sometimes, people have no one they feel they can talk to, or the people they have to talk to are part of the problem. A counsellor or therapist is there just for you.

It is not necessarily an easy process, when there are painful experiences in childhood or adulthood these feelings can be hard to face or express, it may seem easier to bury them away, by forgetting about them, distracting ourselves with being busy, sport, shopping, drinking, TV, etc etc , but they often come out in other ways and I think it is these behaviours that then lead people to feel out of control of their own lives or living in fear of doing something different. I see people for many different reasons, who have struggles with many different things, we are all unique and doing our best in the world as we know how .

Experience in the following common issues.
Everyone has issues throughout their life and all of us will experience at least a  few of the very common reasons to have therapy. Nothing is ever a problem in itself, but rather our experience to it and how it affects us.

I have experience of working in the following areas (in no particular order):
• Depression
Feeling stuck
• Relationship difficulties with individuals as well as;
Couples Counselling
• Bereavement
• Family dynamics
• Father relationships
• Mother relationships
• Step-parent relationships
• Redundancy
• Shyness
• Lack of self-confidence

As a therapist I am open to working with anyone and do not have any restrictions on who I see or on what the issue might be. Although I do have strong experience of working with tricky parent relationships, the dynamics we have with our parents and how we might carry this forward into adult life. Please also see my page on the workshop I run "Missing Dads for Daughters" which may or may not be relevant to you.

I work with individuals for short or long term counselling as needed. Short term counselling can be anywhere from 6 weeks and more, long term can vary from a few months to a few years.

Short term counselling tends to be more focused on specific issues, highlighted in the first session, we would work towards setting goals for the counselling and achieving this during the short term work.


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